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The Cruzan Corner
by Jaymz Onion
You can dramatically change the emotion of the bath by altering color schemes and renewing worn out surfaces. We can change the color of the tub or tiles to options that aren't available by manufacturers. We can even make them look like marble or granite. All of this is done while leaving the appliance in place - no construction mess.
The above bathroom is actually very small, but the design creates a vast space. When the current layout is frustrating and it's time to redesign , here's something to consider: simplicity of design is not only economical, it's breahtaking.

You may find that somethings need to be replaced with a new model, like the tub, tile, or cabinets; as both an art studio and a repair outfit we are glad to assist you in the choice of quality appliances for their visual appeal, durability and ease of repair
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Both of our Showrooms are conveniently located:

Augusta Downtown
1432 Reynolds St.
Augusta, GA 30901
(corners w/ St. Sebastian)
Closed to public
appointment only

The Barnyard Flea Market
1625 Doug Barnard Pkwy
Augusta, GA 30816
Units G -1 thru G-3
Closed to the public
remodel in progress

Our showrooms are being
completely remodeled.
We should have the Barnyard Flea Market
location open this spring.
Drop offs are still at the
Downtown location.
A word about cleaning
The number 1 problem my clients have is in how to effectively clean their bath. Sometimes, they don't even know they have this problem and blame the tub or grout, supposing them to be "worn out" and in need of replacement or refinishing. I have cleaned a tub in preparation to refinish and had to call the client in to show them nothing was wrong with the tub. Neat, huh?

In order for a refinishing job to be successful (i.e., to last for years) the surface needs to be perfectly clean - or the chemicals won't bond to the surface...they'll try to bond to the soap or mineral deposits. The result will be that the paint peels and chips off.

Cleaning is easy if you know a little bit of household chemistry and know how to read the ingredient label. I'll show you how to clean like a pro.
Chips, Cracks, Gouges,
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Foam injected under the floor and a mat glued on top is NOT a real repair!! Avoid Water Damage-
Rebuild the core.
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